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Just like when you outfit your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with accessories, you also need personal gear to enhance your riding experience. The right apparel can make a statement on the road by flaunting boldness, confidence, and attitude. However, motorcycle clothing isn't just for style; it's protection against the elements and any accidents. It can be a life-saver on a road trip—helping prevent injury, sunburn, road rash, hypothermia, and more.

Finding quality-made and professionally-designed gear is an important step when preparing to embark on a ride. After all, it's an armored second skin that can be lightweight and ventilated during the heat, insulated for the cold, and padded for crash protection. Doc's carries a diverse collection of MotorClothes® that's ready to not only meet your comfort, safety, and fashion expectations, but raise the standard for motorcycle clothing design. We receive constant shipments of the latest gear so that you have only the best of the best to browse from. This includes the latest jewelry styles, such as Bar and Shield.

The MotorClothes Girls are the heart of the store! They want to make sure you are safe and stylish. Whether you are going on a long trip, new to the sport or need to add something special to your gear, the Doc's girls will give you their expert advice. Also, we have Men's sizes from S-5X and Women's sizes from S-3W. Doc's has something new coming in almost every week.

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Riding Gear Must Haves:

Motorcycle Helmets


For motorcycle helmets, they are one of the most important safety features you can wear. Head protection can be the difference between a life or death situation. Higher quality outer shells and cushioned interiors lead to better impact absorption in the event of a crash. Motorcycle helmets can also aerodynamic, which cuts down on wind resistance and improve top speeds. Additionally, our selection has all this protection wrapped up in a sleek and fierce finish to intimidate competition and help you live the bold Harley-Davidson lifestyle. We recommend to come in and try on the helmets with one of our Riding Gear Specialist. Call us and set up an appointment for one of our Riding Gear Specialist. Every helmet we sell is DOT approved.

Motorcycle Jackets


Another factor that's important is wearing a proper motorcycle riding jacket. While stylish to wear on and off a bike, they serve an integral safety purpose. Either made from leather or textile materials, motorcycle jackets are made to resist abrasion and are durable. Some include water-resistant membranes to keep you dry during poor weather. Our options feature high craftsmanship so that you can always depend on them.

Motorcycle gloves


Protection for your hands is a key piece of apparel people often overlook. They're often our first line of defense when bracing for an impact or to slow a fall. If left bare, your hands and fingers could become injured in the event of an accident or left exposed to extreme temperatures. Without padded motorcycle riding gloves, you might suffer abrasions on your palms, windburn, frostbite, or aches from a prolonged grip on vibrating handlebars. Instead of risking it, buy yourself a pair of quality motorcycle gloves from us. You'll find that our selection features an impressive variety of leather, gauntlet, summer, winter, race, and long-distance styles and options for you to try.

Motorcycle Boots


Greater protection from low-flying road debris, exhaust pipes, and weather conditions come from better quality footwear. Motorcycle boots are specifically designed to shield your feet and ankles from road hazards, as well as provide comfort if you plan a long-distance trip. After all, your feet are the closest body part to fast-moving concrete. It only makes sense to watch out for their safety by dressing in superior booting. Our selection of motorcycle riding boots is constructed to withstand frequent road impact, maintain traction, be resistant to all liquids (water, oil, etc.), and offer cushioned insoles


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